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Pyjama Women - it's all about ME.
the pyjama women designer

I LOVE MY PYJAMAS and for the past 10 years I have wanted to design a pyjama range that would be suitable for real shaped women who do not want to wear men's pyjamas or ghastly flannelette pyjamas with teddy bears or star designs because that was all that was available in their size.

Sometimes you just don't want to get out of your Pyjamas and with this in mind I have designed Pyjama Women that has the FDF Front Door Factor, if someone should come to your house unexpectedly then you just grab your stylish Kimono and you know that you will look and feel fabulous!

As the Director of a plus-size model agency which caters exclusively to promoting real size models from size 12+ for 13 years, I am well aware of the fashions trends and the difficulty in finding and purchase not only stylish pyjamas but pyjamas that fit.

The average size women is 14+ and fashion clothes have definitely improved although I still found that in the lingerie/sleepwear arena there were huge gaps in being able to find and purchase stylish, comfortable and affordable lounge/sleepwear.

Pyjama Women styles are designed to be worn at home but also can be worn as outer wear. As I started the designing process I had the samples made in my size so I was the guinea pig for all the designs and I have one of those body shapes with broad shoulders, big boobs and smaller hips and from this shape I have scaled up and down to get the sizes right.

I have washed the garments myself, slept in them, worn them all day, and I actually never felt that I was in my Pyjamas. The tops and bottoms have been oversized to fit comfortably without pulling across the bust and hip region. The Kimonos and the camis are "one size fits all".

I hope that you enjoy browsing Pyjama Women!

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